The automatic rounding off tenoning machine can produce any type of rounded tenons with any inclination, and even vertical tenons as to the table surface. The revolution movement of the cutter around the tenon is mechanical and continuous. The thickness, the width and the inclination of the tenon can be adjusted in a few seconds, without stopping the machine.

The alternate movement of the tables is controlled by 2 hydraulic cylinders, which grant an exact positioning of tenons as to the reference surfaces. The standard machine is provided with the antisplintering cycle, to be selected when really necessary.
The continuous movement of the head, the high precision of mechanics, the rigidity assured by a cast frame of one piece and the hydraulic control of the tables movement allow, the highest production in the range of single-head tenors.
Spindle speed 6000rpm
Max tenon width 115+2R mm
Min tenon depth with standard tool 10 / 45  mm
with special tool 6 / 90 mm
Min tenon thickness 0 / 42 mm
Tables inclination upwards 0 / 42deg
downwards 0 / 30deg
lateral 0 / 20deg
Inclination of guides bearing pieces 0 / 45deg
Motor for cutter rotation   4HP
Motor for cutter revolution 1HP