GY 450 / 610 S


Advanced design and total quality craftsmanship make this double surface planer a valuable addition to any production facility.

Double Surface Planers allow simple and affordable surfacing solutions to both cabinet furniture factories as well as Lumber and Dimensional Mills.


  • Rugged cast iron and plate steel fabrication provide long term dependability and low maintenance.
  • Infeed conveyor/carpet (spiked) allow precision jointing accuracy especially on warped or twisted lumber.
  • Computerized top cutterhead positioner is accurate ±0.001″ ensuring quick and accurate setup.
  • Cutterhead tooling technology guarantees low noise, reduced power requirements, minimal operations cost, and repetitive finish on the most difficult hardwoods.
  • Feed speeds up to 120’/min. allow the EXTEND LIGHT double surfacer to meet high production demands.
  • Increased horsepower series surfacers provide greater capacity for stock removal while keeping finish at optimum levels.
  • Patented lifting column system (synchronized transmission) guarantees repetitive setup and long-term dependability.
  • Patented universal drive transmission for feed groups and infeed carpet allows a maintenance free design vs. chain and sprocket style feed systems. Also provides a “constant” feeding environment of materials for improved and constant finish.
  • Cutterheads are of solid steel construction, dynamically balanced and mated with precision pulleys.
  • Cutterheads are supported by “NKS” class 7 precision ball bearings and precision housings.
  • Chromed bed is standard on all EXTEND LIGHT double surfacers yielding optimum wear.
  • New guards and skirts provide comprehensive operator safety.
MODEL GY-450S GY-610S GY-610SS
Max. working width 18" (457mm) 24" (610mm) 24" (610mm)
Max. working thickness 4 51/64"(120mm) 8" (200mm) 8" (200mm)
Min. working thickness 1/4"(6mm) 1/4"(6mm) 1/4"(6mm)
Min. working length 12"(300mm) 12"(300mm) 12"(300mm)
Composition of knives Solid carbide Solid carbide Solid carbide
Knife style 15x15x2.5 30x12x1.5(Opt.) 15x15x2.5 30x12x1.5(Opt.) 15x15x2.5 30x12x1.5(Opt.)
Cutterhead speed 4600RPM 4600RPM 4600RPM
Feeding speed 20'-60'/min(Std) HD series 30'-90'/min 20'-95'/min(Std) HD series up to 115'/min 20'-95'/min(Std) HD series up to 115'/min
Upper cutterhead motor 20 HP/HD series to 30 HP 30 HP/HD series to 40,50,60 HP 40 HP/HD series to 40,50,60 HP
Bottom cutterhead motor 15 HP/HD series 20,25 HP 20 HP/HD series 30,40 HP 30 HP/HD series 30,40 HP
Feed drive motor 2, 3 HP 3,5 HP 5 HP
Elevation drive motor 1 HP 1 HP 2 HP
Machine dimensions L2520 x W1400 x H1600mm L2730 x W1700 x H1700mm L2730 x W1700 x H1700mm
Packing dimensions L2650 x W1550 x H1800mm L2950 x W1850 x H1830mm L2950 x W1850 x H1830mm
N.W./G.W. 3000kgs/3350kgs 4000kgs/4400kgs 4800kgs/5200kgs
Digital control for setting working pieces thickness Standard Standard Standard
CFM Dust requirement 3500 CFM 4200 CFM 4200 CFM