SR 650 / SR 750

SR-650 / SR-750 Router

Large throat clearance for the machining of very large workpieces

Rulong routers have been studied for the execution of a wide range of routing work.

The guide pin allows the contours of the template to be followed closely and is adjustable height-wise allowing heavy progressive or stepped cuts. The fence allows the machining of straight constant profiles. Few typical applications:

Inlet routing: work is fed along fence for straight work or template used for contour cutting.

Inside cut-out: template with underside slot which controls routing path to produce desire cut on work piece.

Top edge routing: Work is fed along guide pin or fence and top edge of work is routed to bevel step or desired shape.

Contour edge routing: edge is routed to shape as determined by cutter in contour or straight line feed.

Straight edge shaping: work is run along fence and cutter produces desired shape on edge.

Outstanding features:

  • Heavy duty cast iron frame
  • Hydraulically controlled spindle feeds
  • 3/6-position depth stops
  • Hardened and ground spindle made of special steel is run by “habasit F1” belt
  • Tilting work table/spindle head
  • Dust hood with brush ensures a clean job and safety operators
  • Automatic lubrication of spindle strokes.
Routers SR-650T
Throat clearance mm 650
Vertical stroke of spindle mm 90
Vertical adjustment of table mm 230
Table dimensions mm 600 x 900
Table tilting Degree 0-250
Adjustable depth stops 6
Spindle speed Rpm 10000/20000
Motor Hp 3
Collets & guide pins Mm/inch 6,8,9,12/ ¼ , 3/8, ½
Overall dimensions Mm 1150x900x1850
Packing dimensions Mm 1200x700x2080
Net weight Kg 480
Gross weight Kg 630