TEMA 3200

TEMA 3200 is a best-seller among the Panel Saws in India & the world, with successful installations all over the world. TEMA 3200’s list of happy customers is rapidly growing and increasing in popularity. TEMA 3200 is equipped electrical motors for easy movements of the Main Saw & Scorer Saw.
TEMA 3200‘s performance is tested and suited for sturdy and heavy Indian working conditions with minimal maintenance required. TEMA 3200 is a wood worker’s delight and the gateway to a successful woodworking industry.

Usage & Applications:
This machine is a must for any Wood-processing facility, the cutting operation being the first operation to be carried out, before further processing can be done.
All types of wood (Solid wood & Panel boards) cutting possible:
  • Straight Cut
  • Cross Cut
  • Angular (vertical/horizontal) Cut
Scorer Saw can be used for Panel boards cutting, which cuts the panel first and then the Main Saw cuts through the Wood material. This high quality Scorer saw ensures there is no chip-off due to presence of the panels. The result is a pleasing finish with neat cuts and no further planning required.
For Solid/Hard Wood cutting, the scorer saw can be lowered and need not be used. The Scorer Saw can be easily lowered, raised and moved inwards/outwards for appropriate positioning before the start of the cutting operation.
Rectified Cast Iron Work Plate 970 x 530 mm
Carriage dimensions 3,200 x 330 mm
Max Blade Diameter 315 mm
Scoring Blade Diameter 120 mm
Blade Speed 2,800/4,000/5,600 rpm
Scorer Speed 8,500 rpm
Cutting capacity on ripping fence 1,250 mm
Max cutting height with blade at 900 100 mm
Max cutting height with blade at 450 70 mm
Max cutting capacity with scorer 3,120 mm
Scoring Motor 1 HP (0.75 kW)
Motor 5.5 HP (4 kW)
Net Weight 620 kg