Pompe 08120

For circulating and large production.
The Turbo air motor is recommended for continued use

Features Benefits
Large diameter suction rod and high compression ratio Can be used with a wide range of materials
Stainless steel design Compatible with water-based materials
Simple design , reduced number of spare parts Easy maintenance

Pressure ratio 8/1
Fluid volume per cycle (cm3) 240
Number of cycles per litre of products 4
Fluid Output at 30 cycles/mn (l/mn) 7.20
Free flow rate (L/mn) 14.4
Air consumption @ 30 CPM at 5 bar
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 48
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 60
Balanced acoustic pressure (dBA) 76
Sealing Packings Upper sealing PTFE G + Polyfluid
Lower sealing PEHD
Weight (kg) – wall-mounted 27
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