PMP 150

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Heavy Duty Industrial Diaphragm Pump

The PMP 150 pump is ideal for feeding all air spray, HVLP, electrostatic, manual, and automatic spray guns.

Reliable and simple to use
Pulsation free delivery with 2in1 TM fluid regulator
Built to last, all metal in contact with fluid is stainless steel.
Bolted construction for easy maintenance
Unique SuperQuiet TM air motor design
Output per cycle 100 cc
Number of cycles 10 per ltr
Output at 30 cycles / min 3 ltr
Free output per minute 15 ltr
Maximum product pressure 6 bar
Maximum paint temprature 50C
Air supply pressure 2 - 6 bar
Maximum air consumption 10 Nm3/h
Metal in contact stainless steel /
with the product electricity charged polyproplyne
standard seal PTFE diaphragm
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