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The ATX Airmix® gun, with its unsurpassed quality of atomization provides high finish quality and important product savings. Worldwide recognized by professionals, ATX automatic guns are widely used in automatic finishing lines in most markets.
The fluid circulation is available in the base (no pressure loss) or inside the gun (quick flushing).

Features Benefits
Excellent atomization quality with outstanding transfer efficiency Excellent finish quality, reduced paint costs, cleaner working environment, lower booth maintenance
Modular design Quick service : only 4 bolts to unscrew, no need to remove hoses
Stainless steel design Compatible with water-based materials
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 200
Trigger air pressure (bar mini) 3
Recommended atomization air pressure (bar) 1 - 3
Fluid output (cc/mn) Upon tip (see Airmix® table)
Weight (g) (gun only) 750
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 50
Air consumption (m3/h)
Wetted parts Stainless steel - treated stainless steel
Seat Stainless steel