EOS 10 – C 18

EOS is basedon 80 years of KREMLIN REXSON technical expertise, innovation and dedication to our customers. The EOS pumps range articulates around 3 strong themes: Efficiency, Optimization and Simplicity.

The EOS range is the ideal partner of your AIRMIX and AIRLESS spray guns, providing exceptional performances (quality of finish, high transfer efficiency).

A large choice of accessories allow to create various configuration AIRMIX & AIRMIX elecrostatic; to meet all custmer requirements.

  • Priming at very low air pressure (0.6 bar)
  • Constant delivery and pulse free for superior finish
  • Fluid section designed to handle of large range of viscosity material
  • Reduce flushing wastage & fast color changes
  • Low air consumption
  • Easy flushing and less westage
  • Ultimate pump control: slow movement during pump priming
Pressure ratio 10/1
Fluid volume per cycle (cm3) 18
Number of cycles per litre of products 55.5
Fluid output at 30 cycles/mn (L/mn) 0.55
Air consumption (m3/h) at 30 cycles/mn at 4 bar 1.9
Free flow rate (L/mn) 1.1
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 60
Maximum fluid temperature (°c) 60
Sound pressure level (dBa) 79.4
Sealing Packings Upper sealing Stainless steel cartridge with GT sealing
Lower sealing PFA single cup seal
XciteTM gun (g) (weight) 498
Weight (kg) (w/o support or rods) 5.45
Wetted parts Hard chrome stainless steel