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LH-60 / LH-80

Various sized machines are available, with capacity for workpieces from 1" - 120" , suitable for solid products, plywood, acrylic, bent wood, etc.

MODEL  LH-60  LH-80  LH-100  LH-120 
Cutting capacity 6" to 60" 12" to 80" 24" to 100" 28"to 120" 
Max. cutting length to width ratio 55.2"x27.6" 71.4"x35.7"  89.2"x44.6" 110"x55"
Table diameter 46" 62" 72" 83" 
Table speed  0.5-3RPM 0.5-3RPM  0.5-3RPM 0.5-3RPM 
Spindle speed 9000RPM  9000RPM 9000RPM 9000RPM 
Spindle diameter 30mm 30mm  30mm 30mm
Spindle height  5.5" 5.5"  5.5" 5.5"
Max. Cutter diameter Range 200mm  200mm 200mm 200mm 
Follower wheel diameter 100mm  100mm  100mm  100mm 
Table drive motor 2HP/DC 2HP/DC  3HP/DC 3HP/DC 
Cutter head drive motor  10HPx2 10HPx2 10HPx2  15HPx2 
Net weight (kg) 2200kgs 3400kgs 3800kgs  4600kgs
Gross weight (kg) 2700kgs 3700kgs  4300kgs 5200kgs
Machine size (mm) 2159x1905x1778  2600x2175x1778 3200x2692x1878 3800x3200x1878
Packing dimensions (mm) 2260x1910x2220 2800x2250x2220  3272x2260x2220 3980x2260x2220