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HVLP Gravity Spray1

The Trio HVLP Pressure Feed Spray Gun operates at an air pressure of 10 psi instead of the conventional 45-70 psi, which results in a reduction of bounce back and over spray, thereby increasing the transfer efficiency. The Trio HVLP spray gun gives you a paint savings of about 30%.

The Trio HVLP Pressure feed spray gun with its precision workmanship gives you tremendous paint savings and at the same time it gives your products a perfect finish quality. The Trio HVLP is light weight and well balanced with a smooth trigger action to reduce operator fatigue. The air flow controls are also located on the gun body for ease of operation.

  • Atomising pressure 10 psi.
  • Reduced bounce back & overspray.
  • Reduced painting cost per component.
  • EN plated nozzle air cap combination.
  • SS fluid passage low flow resistance.